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Professional Rug Cleaning


Azari has employed a traditional process of cleaning handmade rugs for over 25 years.  Our process begins by gently bathing your rug to loosen deeply embedded soil. Next we apply our hand mixed and environmentally-friendly shampoo, scrub your rug, and give extra attention to the soiled areas. Finally, your rug gets a rinse and is hung to air dry. This process restores the natural beauty and luster to the wool.

Each type of rug uses a different technique, and we ensure all of the results of our cleaning process. Proper cleaning of your rug is essential to maintaining its wearability, as well as its beauty.


Our cleaning process is designed specifically for Oriental and Persian rugs, but we can also service Navajo rugs, Machinemade rugs, and all the rugs in between!


We recommend professional washing every two to four years. Visit our Rug Care Tips section to learn more about caring for your rug at home. Proper care can increase the life and quality of the rug immensely.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, and one of our trained experts will promptly respond. 



You are welcome to bring your rugs in for cleaning anytime during our business hours

or call 303-744-2222 for pick up and delivery!

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